MOTW: Spike Lee’s Oldboy (2013)

I just finished watching Spike Lee’s recent remake of Oldboy (2013) just released for purchase via iTunes (the way I viewed it).

Despite minor problems, Oldboy (2013) by Spike Lee is an honorable remake. One rich in experience, worthy of watching, that edifies its own existence.

Score: 8/10

I’ll get the problems with this film out of the way immediately: Budget, fight choreography, Art direction, lighting, and possibly one or two actors in less important roles. Aside from those minor complaints, the film is essentially (in this writer’s opinion), a masterpiece. And technically, all of those could possibly be pared down to one single reason:

The Budget of $30 million wasn’t sufficient to make a perfect version of this movie. Only, I don’t buy that excuse. At least, not unless all (or too many) involved have way too large paychecks for making this movie.

Rest of review will be forthcoming. (Translation: I hope to finish this later today.)

– Richard Harris