MOTW: Outlander (2008)

2014-05-17 14:05:00

Outlander is one of those low budget (if $45 million is low!) sic-fi films that never quite made it during it’s cinematic release.

James Caviezel plays Kainan, who’s spacecraft crash lands in a lake in Norway, circa 709 AD. He soon discovers that an alien monster was on board the ship that threatens the lives and existence of the Vikings living in a village near the crash site.

Ron Perlman is excellent as a Viking king and warrior. John Hurt isn’t quite as miscast here as in Immortals (2011) – a future FFOTD – and plays the king of the local Viking village and father to the lovely Freya, played by British actress Sophia Myles.

Chalk full of great visuals including futuristic other-worldly costumes and space ship, the monster and cool Viking shizzle.

Highly recommended!

Original post title: FFOTD: Outlander (2008)