SEX MANIAC – Based on True Events – a screenplay concept by Richard Harris

2014-05-27 01:06:51

I am currently in the process of completing a script for this amazing movie idea I hope to make in the future. Based on actual events, the movie is called:

SEX MANIAC * (working title only)

based on true events

Follows the [sexual] escapades of a sexual-psychopath, from adolescence into his forties. How his super-charged sexual appetite (sex-addiction, or whatever the sickness he has can be called) has damaged the lives of countless victims, with special focus on the lives of four or five of his sexual victims.

Imagine a film featuring an egocentric male with a very long shlong (yes, Dirk Digler-like) who is so proud of it that he shows it to every female he possibly can, hoping they will jump in the sack with him for the mere experience. Yes.

More to follow...

* Not to be confused with any film or story called “Maniac”, nor any of the images associated on this post.