Song analysis: Take a Walk by Passion Pit

2014-06-06 02:23:10

Trollcake Music has posted their first Song Of The Week (SOTW) featuring Passion Pit’s ‘Take A Walk’, with in-depth analysis, review and lyrics.


If ever a song serves as the perfect window into our day for future generations, ‘Take A Walk’ by Passion Pit, is a shining example. A clear message about the state of America today, Michael Angelakos‘ lyrics tell it proud in the same vein as Bob Dylan, Jesus Rodriguez, Eminem and The Dixie Chicks. There is no holding back. The state of The Union is getting out of control. 1984 never felt nearer. The biggest question on my mind is “Who will listen?” and also a little bit of “Hell yes! Somebody has the balls to say it like it is!”

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